The Learning Opportunity

The Learning Opportunity – The Renaissance Academy
The overall goal of The Renaissance Academy is to successfully transition students to learning from external discipline and motivation to learning from internal discipline and motivation. We accomplish this goal by partnering with parents to teach the life skills of accountability, responsibility, follow through, and problem solving. We focus on time management, prioritization, and organizational systems. Our curriculum is advanced and intense. Higher learning is most effective when the foundation on which it is placed is organized and solid.

The Renaissance Academy offers a one to thirteen student to teacher ratio. Due to our small class size, instructors develop an in depth understanding of each student. All of our instructors have night time phone hours, so students have the opportunity to clarify assignments. They assist the students in goal setting, and help each one set up systems that will monitor their progress. If the students begin to stray “off course”, students, with instructor facilitation, will identify and try different study strategies.

Classroom instruction encompasses unique components: teachers utilize lecture, debate, team orientations, and weekly field trips. Our weekly field trips expose children to the wealth of knowledge contained in the local community and demonstrate the many ways to collect data. slot88

Although gifted students have a high knowledge level, they will usually excel in either mathematics or reading in the elementary years. The individualized portion of our program involves an individualized “spin” on content areas, allowing gifted students to delve deeper into their area of giftedness. The students often pre-test out of certain chapters in mathematics. Requiring students to repeat what they already know is counterproductive to the gifted student. In certain areas of the curriculum, students are required to produce work from each of the learning components; the goal being that that students can consciously identify the learning style that is most effective for them, and re-format material accordingly.