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At Renaissance Academy, we work on a divisional format rather than a traditional grade format. Our classes are multi-age with an approximate two year span. The academic benefits to this are many as students always have a “cluster group” with which to work in the various curricular content areas. The group can be content driven as opposed to age driven.
From a social/emotional standpoint, there are benefits as well. The “olders” usually have a greater level of academic and social responsibility within the classroom. This structure helps children appreciate where they are instead of striving for status that they have not yet reached. In general, ages break out as follows:

Division I: 3-5 year olds
Division II: 5-7 year olds
Division III: 7-9 year olds
Division IV: 9-10 year olds
Division V: 11-14 year olds

The greater variability in younger grades reflects the normal developmental patterns of growing children. Multi-age classes allow a child to grow into themselves without the arbitrary need to move linearly (as most school programs are designed) when biological (physical, intellectual, maturity) growth in NOT.

Our Philosophy
The Renaissance Academy is sincerely interested in maximizing the potential of each student. This is done through a comprehensive, experiential and individualized classroom curriculum.
Renaissance Academy creates an individual plan for each child in every subject area. It is common to see children excel in reading or math in the elementary years. Due to our individual approach, we can accommodate a vast range for our students.

The Academy also believes in helping students develop the life skills that lead to success. We help children consciously recognize their strengths and help them identify strategies for overcoming behaviors and habits that could potentially impede their accomplishments. Children experience the importance of accountability and responsibility as their instructors model and emphasize in developmentally appropriate ways these characteristics on a graduated continuum from preschool through middle school. “How can you solve the problem?” and, “What is your strategy?” are commonly asked questions in our classrooms.

Allowing children to progress as far and as fast as they are able to go with the recognition that knowledge is as effective as the foundation on which it is placed, is the keystone to our success. We prepare our scholars for higher education through a comprehensive and individualized academic curriculum coupled with self awareness, confidence, and responsible study skills.

Kids take over the Web!
Division V students have assumed responsibility for producing sections of the web page. The information under the catagory Our Students was created by Division V students to share current work of the student body. In addition, students will be updating the home page, the calendar information, and the new classified section.

iMacTM Technology & Media Center
Through the generous challenge gift of the Orton-Urbina family and the support of friends and parents of the school, Renaisssance Academy is proud to announce the opening of a new, improved computer center serving Divisions 1 through 5. The iMac Technology & Media Center features state of the art Macintosh iMac computers along with supporting peripherals that will allow Renaissance students and teachers to expand the boundaries of media literacy.

The Renaissance Academy @ Mountain Shadows

This website has been set up as a means to facilitate dialogue, and ensure that your concerns are addressed in our development plan for the school. We are keenly interested in what you have to say about how the school fits into the neighborhood and will listen carefully.

As we work through each phase of the development plan, we will post a summary of the design and engineering data that emerges. Design is a fluid process, and adjustments in one area may affect others. We will update the site periodically as the design progress.

By clicking on the options to your left – under “Mountain Shadows”, you will find design and engineering data and additional areas that are related.

School History
The Academy opened in 1993 as a Colorado Springs “sister” to Mackintosh Academy in Denver. Mackintosh Academy was the first school for the gifted in the Denver area, opened by Eve Mackintosh to educate her four children. We opened under the name of Mackintosh Academy of Colorado Springs and shared a Denver based board of Directors, administrative procedures and forms, replicated the “divisional” format (instead of grades), and used similar exit requirements and report cards.
-September 1993/94: Mackintosh opened in 2200 square feet of space on North Academy Boulevard with few students, four divisions, five full time teachers and one full time administrative staff member. Our goal was to grow to 20 students and relocate to a more suitable facility.
-September 1994/95: We began this school year with 20 students and moved to 6,000 square feet at 2001 West Cheyenne Road. We signed a five year lease in this location. During this year we developed a detailed scope and sequence which continues (with constant revision) to operate as the curricular backbone of the Academy. It holds the Academy accountable for introducing specific subject matter in each division.
-September 1995/96: We began this year with 35 students and opened a fifth division, closing the age span in divisions.
-September 1997/98: Our enrollment was up to 55 students.
-September 1998/99: Enrollment was at 65 students, we obtained our own local board of directors, changed the name to Renaissance Academy and accepted a land donation of 11.5 acres from Classic Homes.
-September 1999/00: Enrollment was at 75 students. We leased 10,000 square feet of space from District #11 at 730 North Walnut. The preschool grew to two instructors who manage 18 to 19 three- and four-year-old students. The Renaissance middle school model was created and fully operational by the start of this school year.
-September 2000/01: Enrollment is at 80 students. We have expanded our Division III and have 11 instructors and an administrative team of three. The Academy is preparing to build a new school facility. During this year, we are securing the school site property, architecturally designing the facility, and structuring our current classes so we are in the most optimum position to complete our campus at 120 total students.