Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff
The Rensaissance Academy staff are adept at working with the gifted. They are able to provide for the uniqueness and diversity of our students. Generally, successful teachers of the gifted possess a deep interest in scholarly and artistic pursuits.

They have wide variety of interests, a creative sense of humor, are student-centered and enthusiastic about teaching, are well-prepared in content areas, and recognize the need for advanced study for themselves.
The key ingredient which our teachers must possess is the capacity to interrelate the student’s abilities and interests. Our teachers are gifted people themselves, many of whom have gifted children of their own. They have all completed the Colorado State Teaching Certification process, and most have master’s degrees with extensive experience in the field. oxplay

All teachers who are successful share a commitment to the growth of their students. Psychological observations have uncovered a number of specific characteristics that accomplished Gifted/Talented instructors seem to possess.
Gifted teachers tend to do less talking. They provide less information, have fewer demonstrations, and are less willing to solve problems for the students. Instead of answering all of the students’ questions, they tend to reflect student questions back to them. The instructors frequently ask, “What do you think?”. They facilitate many student discussions in the classroom which often begin with stimulating questions: “What would happen if . . . ?” Or they ask the group a question that would expand a students concept: “If Betsy is right, what would be the effect on . . . ?”

In short, they tend to draw the information that they want to teach from the students themselves. Instructors of the gifted rely less on feedback. They accept student’s responses as opposed to react to them. They are always attentive and interested but nonjudgmental. These instructors encourage students to comment on each others’ ideas and they engage in adult dialogue with students instead of question-answer periods. There is a large amount of equality shown between gifted teachers and their students. They engage in conversations about life and share viewpoints freely. As you observe a teaching style such as this, you will notice a genuine fascination with the individuality of each student.

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