Gifted Children

Gifted Children – Leading us into an exciting future
Founded in 1993, the Renaissance Academy is already a recognized leader in gifted education. This state-accredited private school offers a full-time program for students in pre-school through eighth grade, and is the only school in Colorado Springs committed solely to serving gifted children.

Gifted children have special needs requiring innovative programs not found in traditional public schools. Capable of absorbing information very quickly, they have an excellent memory, endless curiosity, and an exceptionally high level of intellectual development. Their academic, artistic, and social talents differentiate them from peers; hence, they become frustrated or bored, are discouraged from displaying their talents, either implicitly by well-meaning adults or explicitly by peers, and may underachieve as a result.

The Renaissance Academy’s unique philosophy prepares gifted children for the future by balancing the child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Our program creates a structured, loving, analysis-oriented, intellectually-stimulating environment. The Academy places giftedness in perspective and engenders a sense of social responsibility by encouraging students to use their gifts in constructive ways.

In addition, we create a social environment that provides time with other gifted students, thus helping to establish lasting relationships, and to facilitate academic and social growth through realistic evaluation of their own talents and abilities. Our goal is to contribute to our student’s growth by providing a superior, well-rounded education that maximizes each child’s academic potential and stimulates the development of their special gifts, resulting in happy, well-adjusted children with high self-esteem.